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13 March 2023
This policy brief shows that interventions can prevent and reduce violence in South Africa. There are however challenges to delivering these programmes at scale. These include limited capacity for implementation, adapting for context, and balancing the need for programmes to be evidence-based while also being responsive to communities’ needs. South Africa’s policymakers and researchers need to find solutions to these challenges. Read more here.
3 November 2022
This policy brief uses the adverse childhood experiences framework, coupled with data from the Birth to Thirty cohort study, to show the impact of violence and adversity on the lives of South Africans. It connects violence and adversity in childhood to health and social problems almost three decades later. Understanding, foregrounding and addressing the effects of violence and adversity are essential for national development. Read more here.
7 April 2022
This policy brief provides a definition of violence prevention developed by NGOs, researchers, government officials and representatives of development partners and the private sector. It aims to catalyse discussion, support policy development and advocacy, and encourage all South Africans to ask themselves what they are doing to prevent violence. The process of developing the definition was as important as the final product, entailing intensive knowledge exchange, debate and compromise. Read more here
27 October 2021
This policy brief presents findings from an evidence review of violence prevention interventions implemented in South Africa, and draws on an evidence map published by the Forum in 2019, and additional research. The review summarises the available evidence, with an assessment of quality, and perhaps most importantly, highlights the contextual factors which impact success. Read more here.
2 September 2021
Since 2015, the VPF has been involved in a long-term process that seeks to ensure that evidence-led violence prevention interventions are delivered at scale across South Africa. Recently, the VPF convened a series of workshops for children, NGOs, researchers, government officials, and development partners and the private sector. These were aimed at defining what we as the VPF community mean when we speak of preventing violence in communities the country. This policy brief presents the definitions of violence prevention as expressed by the different sectors, and makes recommendations on approaches to preventing violence.
25 May 2021
This policy brief presents findings from an analysis of how violence against women and children in South Africa was represented in 57 research papers. The analysis complements the work of the Violence Prevention Forum and considers the implications of those representations for policy and practice. Recommendations are made for the research community and funders of research including the need for terminology that enables inclusion.
6 October 2020
This policy brief offers a summary of the findings from an evaluation of the Violence Prevention Forum in 2020. The forum has strengthened relationships between researchers, government, NGOs and development partners. As a result, information can be shared more easily, which has influenced national and provincial policy and practice. This policy brief highlights the importance of co-producing knowledge, building relationships and creating a safe space for dialogue, and how it has been achieved.
1 April 2020
This policy brief presents lessons from the South African Violence Prevention Forum on how to design a multisectoral violence prevention intervention for communities. While knowledge is growing about what works to prevent violence, little is available on working with multiple stakeholders who have different knowledge, experience and expectations. This brief shows how to involve practitioners, researchers, government departments and community members in designing a violence prevention project.
8 April 2020
As the world seeks sustainable solutions to rapid urbanisation, looking to redesign and create smart cities, identify strategies to alleviate climate change and develop future-fit children through the Sustainable Development Goals, most South Africans remain trapped in survival mode. In this policy brief the authors look at how South African businesses can create shared value through supporting early childhood development.
20 February 2019
This policy brief presents an analysis of six factors that stand in the way of effectively preventing interpersonal violence in South Africa, and suggests how they might be overcome. It is a product of the Dialogue Forum for evidence-based programmes to prevent violence against women and children. The forum is a multi-sectoral group of researchers, community based organisations delivering evidence-based primary violence prevention interventions, government officials from seven departments and international development partners.
22 December 2017
Collaboration between government, non-governmental organisations, international organisations, donors and researchers is critical to ending the pandemic of violence, particularly violence against children. This policy brief presents a framework for bringing the sectors together to take evidence-based violence prevention programmes to scale in South Africa. It is based on a series of consultations with experts from government and civil society. This is the final of a three-part series on reducing violence in South Africa.
18 December 2017
Facing shrinking incomes, governments must decide how to allocate funds among public services. This policy brief gives an overview of South African government budget decision making. It reviews opportunities and challenges related to funding primary programmes to prevent violence, and suggests that a unique approach is needed to advocate for funds. This is the second in a three-part series on reducing violence in South Africa.
29 September 2017
This policy brief flows from and contributes to discussions held at the Violence Prevention Forum for Evidence-Based Programmes to Prevent Violence against Women and Children. This is the first of a three-part series on reducing violence in South Africa.
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