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14 October 2021
On 20 and 21 September, a multisectoral group representing the research community, NGOs, government departments and development partners came to a shared definition of violence prevention. It reads:

"Violence prevention is the whole of society working deliberately and sustainably to remove sources of harm and inequality, and heal woundedness, by intentionally growing an ethic of mutual care, respect and inclusion to build peace."
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VPF Facilitation Course 2021
The Institute for Security Studies, Reos partners and Leadership Pathways have teamed-up to offer a second facilitation course in 2021. The course will train and support a strong cohort of facilitators who are able to bring systems and process thinking into their work environments, in the belief that creative, courageous, empathetic leaders and facilitators are more necessary than ever before, in all sectors. Whether you are working in an NGO, an international organisation, a government department, a company, or a research and teaching institution, the knowledge and ability to design participatory processes and facilitate with authenticity, confidence and courage, will increase your impact and lead to stronger, more productive engagements. Applications close on 30 May 2021. For more information, click here.
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