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Asivikelane Western Cape Brief 1: Knysna communities pave the way for female-friendly sanitation

On International Women’s Day, Asivikelane spotlights the safety of women and girls in informal settlements; and how female-friendly services can help to protect them. An inspiring narration of communities taking action to make their community safer. Asivikelane Community Facilitators carried out an initiative to have separate toilets provided for males and females across three informal settlements in Knysna. Under their guidance, residents decided on the placement of the new toilets, selecting more visible locations. Read more about this initiative here.
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You are invited to the ISS and INSPIRE webinar titled 'Why should male caregivers attend parenting programmes?'

Parenting programmes can reduce violence against children by helping parents and caregivers provide attentive and non-violent care. Fathers and male caregivers can play a positive role in children’s lives, but in many African countries, few men attend parenting programmes. These programmes are one of the seven evidence-based strategies that the INSPIRE package encourages countries to adopt to end violence against children. Parenting programme implementers and evaluators from South Africa and Uganda will share their experiences of engaging men and what impact this has had. To attend register online, to find out more click here.
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