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14 October 2021
On 20 and 21 September, a multisectoral group representing the research community, NGOs, government departments and development partners came to a shared definition of violence prevention. It reads:

"Violence prevention is the whole of society working deliberately and sustainably to remove sources of harm and inequality, and heal woundedness, by intentionally growing an ethic of mutual care, respect and inclusion to build peace."
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VPF Facilitation Course 2022
The Institute for Security Studies, Reos Partners and Leadership Pathways have teamed-up to offer an intense training course for facilitators and leaders who wish to convene and facilitate effective dialogue. The facilitation course draws on the tried and tested methods of the Violence Prevention Forum in South Africa. It will enable facilitators to apply systems thinking, design interactive processes and facilitate dialogue. It is offered with the intention of developing creative, courageous, empathetic leaders and facilitators who can enable collective problem solving. The call for applications is available here. Applications are open until 21 February 2022. Please ensure that you available for the full nine days of the course.
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